November 21, 2011

Because an Industrial Engineer works on a number of different type of projects: plant layouts, CAD, work measurement, and the like, people will ask me what is my favorite type of project and which one do I like the least. That is a difficult question to answer. While it is true that some projects are more interesting than others, I find that the challenge involved in any particular project is the part to be savored and enjoyed. The old stand-bye’s like work measurement are challenging enough in and of itself. Plant layouts and anything that uses CAD are challenging because of the thought that goes into the layout and translating that thought into CAD. The most challenging, however, is anything new. Social Media management can be the most challenging, right now, because of the unknown paths that I can follow. Every turn can be something new by itself. That leads to great fun!


I Just Can’t Say NO!…….

November 7, 2011

As a consultant, I am continually asked to do projects that require me to learn something new. Consequently, if I want the business I have to say yes to almost any project that comes my way. Therefore, I have said yes to some projects that I don’t know how to do at that time. After I leave the client, I have to figure out how to do what it is that they want me to do. Through the years I have learned how to do multiple new things. I have learned how to write data base programs, I have learned how to use spreadsheets to better advantage and some CAD drawings that I wouldn’t have otherwise known how to do. When it comes time to billing the customer, however, I will not bill them for the time that it took to learn the new project. However I will have gained the knowledge how to do it for another time and it has come in handy for some later projects. Have you found this to be true for anything that you’ve done?

I’ve Outgrown My Present Manufacturing/Office Space – Now What?

June 12, 2011

You have come to the realization that your current facility is cramped and way over crowded. Questions abound: buy new/used, lease, expand. Each one of those choices create their own set of questions. Cost, taxes, size of building, where do I get the money? The answer to these and other questions will be answered on June 28 at Robert Morris Graduate School of Management
1000 E. Woodfield Rd, Schaumburg, IL 60173. The time is 5:45 p.m. For more information go to:

Are You Comfortable With Reading A Financial Statement?…….

April 21, 2011

If you look at a financial statement and you don’t know what you are reading, then the “Manufacturing Tools” group on LinkedIn has the answer for you. On may 3, 2011 Royal Johnson of B2B CFO® will discuss how business owners need to use accurate, complete and timely financial statements to serve as a compass that tells them how their business is performing. Understanding financial statements and using the information will enable them to make better business decisions that improve their profitability and competitive positioning. Check out or go to Manufacturing Tools group on LinkedIn.

IE Innovations

April 12, 2010

While Industrial Engineers may not invent a particular process, we have been at the forefront of any new technology that emerges and finding useful ways of utilizing them. I don’t know who invented bar coding but I have used it to great advantage in some of my projects as I am sure most other IE’s have. RFID technology is another innovation that has been put to good use by IE’s. The implementation of ERP software has created new opportunities for IE’s. A staple of IE’s everywhere is the use of new and better CAD systems. The creation of specialized tools/machines for specific applications has greatly enhanced productivity. These and many other technological advances are tools that we all have used to implement cost improvement and better product flow. Some of the lower tech companies with which I consulted have benefitted from the introduction of a PC. That was certainly innovative for them.

So, have IE’s been innovative? I think the way that we use the new tools that are now available is our innovation.

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