Work Measurement . . . . .

One of the building blocks for Industrial Engineering is the time study. Almost everything in manufacturing is derived from this humble beginning. So the question is how do you do a time study? What is the best method to use, both in choice of timing device to use and in work place arrangement.

The first timing device was the somewhat reliable stop watch. One had to look at the watch while one of the hands was flying across the face of the watch and try to read the time and then turn their attention to the paper on which the times were recorded. A lot of missed motions, but the best that was available at the time. One could also use a predetermined time system. Every motion was recorded in sequence and a specific time value for each little finger squiggle was applied. Tedious, but effective. Fast forward now to the 21st century. The stop watch has been replaced by the PDA. That means that with the press of the “enter” button the time value for a sequential element can be automatically entered and the total time can be calculated with more accuracy than the original stop watch. Much easier to use, I might add.


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