I know its been awhile. Last week was Father’s Day and my two sons took me out to dinner. They brought along their girlfriends and we all had a good time. We went to Blackie’s and had salads and sandwiches. A good time was had by all. I picked the place to go, but the best, though, was that they picked up the tab. My favorite way to eat out.

I just finished up a project that was a little different for me. The main part of the project was creating a whole bunch of demographic type charts. The charts were bar charts and pie charts. I know that it doesn’t sound like much, but there was a lot of data to log. These charts were three dimensional in appearance. I must say that they looked pretty cool. It wasn’t the usual Industrial Engineering fare.

This didn’t take a long time to do, but was fun nonetheless.

I’m still working on my web site. I hope to complete that pretty soon. Actually, I’ve been saying that for awhile. My thoughts keep changing on what I want to do for the site. One step forward and 1-1/2 back.


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